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Here is an asset pack full of juicy animations!
19 animations and a D4RK version of the character.

Of course, you can switch between both variation of the character with the epic transformation animation!

Have fun!


  • A basic idle pose
  • A cute "wondering" animation (inspired from Hollow Knight)
  • A run animation
  • Different steps for the jump (jump & fall animation)
  • A dash pose (with some wind in the cape and the hair)
  • A set of 3 attacks with a sword (first frame of each animation is a "prepare to attack" frame)
  • A wall slide animation
  • A wall grab animation
  • A roll animation with different steps (jump, roll, back to idle)
  • A 360 turn of the character idle (well, I'm not sure why I did that, but it was fun to do.)
  • An epic transformation animation with an EPIC flame FX above it! You also can use this one as an "ultimate" attack or something like that, seems it looks like the character is hitting the ground (works well with camera shake).

And of course, a dark variation of the character with magic evil purple eyes :<


I've also included a sword sprite with a dark variation. I've also joined you the background I've made on the cover image with different layers so you can make some cool parallax with it :)

Of course if you buy it, do not hesitate to contact me if you think something important is missing or need to be exported differently, I'm always looking for feedbacks for the next one!
And do not hesitate to send me what you've done with it too! I'm always happy to see what people can do with it!


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

AssetPack.zip 4 MB


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Can you add hit and death animations?


i wish i had the money to buy this asset T_T

me too:(

I'm in love with these animations! I've been looking around for a while and this has completely inspired me for a new game. 

Also, just curious, do you happen to do custom animations or is that too much work? Either way, I will probably be buying this set if nothing else than to support an amazing artist!

Hey! Thanks a lot :)

Unfortunatly, I'm totally unvailable for now to do commissions. A lot of people ask me for extra-content and that's not possible for me right now.

Still, I'm of course totally ok to let other artists work on extra-content, so if you want to commissions other pixel artists, that's of course ok for me!

I've even made a list of pixel artists I recommand (since I personnaly know them and have already worked with them) : https://twitter.com/i/lists/1348921662146830339/members

Also here is a website very useful to find pixel artists:


Hope it'll help you :D Good luck for your project!

Not being able to do commissions  is totally understandable, good luck on whatever it is you are working on! Also thanks for taking the time to link to those resources, I will totally check them out! Thanks :)

This is one of the most impressive pieces of work I have ever seen! Had to buy this for my game!


esta caro pero lo vale

I bought this yesterday and love it. Incredibly fluid and communicative. I was going to ask for a "death" anim but I read below that you prefer people use an effect for that. Would you mind sharing the frame rate you recommend these animations play at?

Thanks for the purchase! For the framerate there is no "recommanded" one, since it depends of the gamefeel that you want in your game :)

For example for a fightgame, I'll focus on a very fast framerate but I'll make the keypose freeze (to add more contrast into the animations and make it more dynamic). At the opposite if it's a "chill" game, I'll try to have a quite low framerate and have a unique framerate to keep it chill.

So in the end, it depends of your game and the gamefeel you want :) The best way to know is to test and also check examples of games that you like and see what was their way to play with framerate :)

thank you for the reply and tips! I did not think about keypose freezing. I will test that out.

Deleted 213 days ago

Hey! Ye it depends a lot of your process. I'm also a developper so I know some devs prefers to work with a unique resolution for a whole animation set. On my side I prefer to have each animation cropped separatly, so it avoids giant frames with a lot of empty spaces :)

Deleted 213 days ago

Wow, nice sprites but the 360 turn thing is cool and I like the transformation thing. I hope to see more work as good as this!

Hey, great asset! Maybe you could add melee up/down slash animations I would buy this asap if you won't I will most likely also buy it tho :P plus a simple death animation would be much appreciated.

Sure for extra-animations! I'm planning to make a bonus animations pack for people who want more :) Also about death, most of the "modern" game like Celeste don't use any death animation at all and work with FXs and tech art in general (they make a blinking single frame, add some particles, etc etc). Plus it can be super specific in function of the game, so I've decided to keep the pack without it, to avoid people using it wrong :)

Just wanted to voice my opinion. I would happily buy this if an expansion pack on the animations existed(I would ofc also buy the expansion pack for 10-30+ $ depending on how much is added)

The animation when the character jumps into the air and comes back down to change. You could used the first few frames and/or the last few frames of that jump as a death animation when the character is squatting down.

GREAT animation pack. Using them in a game project at the moment and they just look amazing. Just a small feedback: The PNGs of the dark version, are not centered sometimes, so if you flip them horizontally the character shifts a few pixel. The light version does not have this issue. It is easy to fix but to give some feedback: fixing this would save some time :).

Apart from that: great pack and animations!

hey! Thanks for the feedback and yeah, I know about that, it's because of the glow which is directly integrated in the sprite. I could have export it separatly but in function of the devs, I know it's a debate. So I'd prefered to keep it like that, as you've said it's easy to fix in an engine! Thanks again!

This animation pack is exactly what I was looking for! I look forward to seeing any and all updates added to this pack down the road! Currently my only suggestion for an added animation would be a "climb-up" animation to transition from hanging on a ledge to standing atop that ledge.

Yeah! Some people already proposed me that and a lot of other "detail" animation like swimming, other attacks, etc.
So when I have time, I'm thinking about making an "extra-animations" pack with all the asked ones :)

Hi! I'm in love with these sprites.

Can they be used in paid games? I can't find the License for these assets.

Yeah you can use it for commercial use, no extra-fees! But if possible I would like to be updated so I can know how people use my asset packs :) just being curious!

I've been shopping for assets for awhile now and these are the most impressive I've seen so far! I'm already working on a game and you made me want to make a whole different game just with this alone LOL!

Jaw-droppingly good. :) Definitely will be purchasing this soon.

omg thank you <3 I'm super happy to read that ahah!


Why no death / hurt animation? That seems pretty critical.

In most sidescroll game, main character only flash or "explode" (with an FX) when it takes damage or die, so I consider it was not a "must-have" one, seeing how rare these kind of animations are in nowadays game :)

But I'm still thinking about making an extra animations pack with all the animations people have asked me! So feel free to tell if you have more ideas!

(1 edit)

I think this is my favorite "small pixel art character" platformer asset on the entire platform.

If you do consider making additional sprites, feel free to make it a purchasable add-on pack if that's what's required -- I'd gladly pay.

I have a lot of ideas for potential sprites, which I'm sure plenty of others do as well.

- a "turn around" sprite (looks awesome compared to flipping it on the x axis)

- hurt / hit animations when grounded and in the air

- a "knocked down" animation or even a single sprite

- climb ledge

- ladder / wall climb

- bow , magic or projectile shooting

- melee attack upward and downward

I can dream =)

I double this list. I reckon it'd be swell to make a game like Celeste using this asset pack - but I think without a few more things its hard to make a complete game.

I would add a few more NPC character / baddies. A bat? Or a hound? more things to hurt you.

I'd be happy to chip in something $$$ as well.

I agree with  Starving, particularly on some kind of projectile anim. I'd pay extra for any of these. Your work is such high quality.

(2 edits)

The dynamic sprite animation is really really amazing.
The dark hero with two color themes? omg.. It's really cool :D !

It's great. I'd love to use it in my games!


I love this. Wish there were just a few more "typical" animations for a platformer character though.

Any chance of getting a ladder climbing animation? :)


Hey i love this pack so far, i bought it, i like the concept of grabing a wall, but it seems pointless since she doesn't have any ' get up from ledge' animation... is there a way you could do that ?

(1 edit)

At first, I was worried about the transform animation. I wanted to use it, but keep the characters separate. The files included are separated by frame and not sprite sheets. The special effects on the transform animation are also separate from the sprite.

Can I use it in my game?

Animation suggestions: 

  • Hit/Death Animation
  • Wall climbing(Both when climbing sideways and when the back is showing)
  • Pushing objects
  • Sprinting
  • Crouching
  • Crouch walking
  • Bow animations
  • Picking up and throwing objects (Maybe holding item above her head)
  • Opening a Chest


  • Standing on a ledge, similar to smash bros character when they stand on a ledge

Would gladly pay 20$ if hit/death animation was added, then I probably wouldn't mind paying extra 5-10$ for each of the suggested animations.


Great set! would you be able able to make a death animation for the character? I'd definitely be willing to throw a few more dollars you way for it. Thanks!


Hey Thomas! I love this sprite, I wanted to use it, but with some other animations added, such as her drawing a bow and dying, I've seen you're no longer available for comissions, if you're OK with this, could you indicate another pixel artist for this? Thank you!

Deleted 149 days ago

Yo :) 

Tu peux me contacter sur Twitter ou par mail si tu veux ! Je suis en vacances là mais je te répondrai au plus vite ! Merci pour ton commentaire !

Any tips on using the transformation animation with Unity, the sprite moves from origin point .

Deleted 255 days ago

lol just change the pivot point

Hi Thomas, I am developing a game using your sprites. Here is beta demo: https://tianhao-wang.itch.io/become-witch-the-story-of-lunaria

Hey! I'm super glad to see that you've already that much! It's looking super well already <3

Hi Thomas, I sent you an email about potential commission for more animations a few weeks ago. Did you saw the email?

Hey there Thomas, I adore this animation and sent you an email about a potential commission for some others in the same style, hope to hear from you soon, great work.

Thanks! I just saw your mail :)

Awesome =] I look forward to your reply then!

Hi what pixel size is this?, I read we can contact you in regards to more work if needed so thats a bonus :)

Hey! Yeah you can contact me if you need extra assets, I'm available as a freelancer and I also teach pixel art to some students, so I know that some of them would have been interested by commissions! 

Also the size is not a precise one (8x8, 16x16, etc), I know the character is around 20 pixel height but nothing more specific!

How about releasing the enviroment used? :D


It's in the pack already but this is a very rich environment, only a few assets here :)

Can you make one of 16x16 ?

I'm planning to make a new one soon so that's a super good idea!

nice, thanks !

This is amazing work! I cannot wait to see more..

(1 edit)

Hi! I found your asset, thank you so much for this :D

I'm gonna use this asset for my personal project. I'm wondering may I change the asset so that it can be used in top-down game. May I change the content?

Hey hey :) Sure of course! Feel free to do what you want with it and do not hesitate to contact me if you need some minor modifications or even if you need extra animation/asset !

Is there files with out the glow Fx?

Hey! No, but I can do it :)

Hey, I need to talk to you, could you send me an email with the address I made the purchase?

Hey! A lot of people contact me so maybe you've already done it, here is my mail : theophile.loaec@gmail.com :)

Else feel free to contact me via Twitter too!

I really love this asset pack. It looks awesome. Would you consider making aerial attack animations for these characters in the future?

Hey! A lot of people ask me about doing more specific animation so one day, I think I'll make an "extra animations" asset pack :)

(1 edit)

wow! following, cant wait to see more, you do awesome work!

just a suggestion would be a good idea to have different abilities for each character so to have a good reason to change!

Yeah I agree about your suggestion! That's an interesting idea for next ones ! It was just a re-skin for this one but that's a really good idea!

no problem glad to help.  great talent.

will you ever create any top-down  assets ? 

Yeah I'm thinking about doing some zelda-like assets soon!

awesome can’t wait ! 


Thanks thanks thanks <3

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