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Here is an asset pack full of juicy animations!
19 animations and a D4RK version of the character. (and now a white one) 

Of course, you can switch between both variation of the character with the epic transformation animation!

Have fun!


  • A basic idle pose
  • A cute "wondering" animation (inspired from Hollow Knight)
  • A run animation
  • Different steps for the jump (jump & fall animation)
  • A dash pose (with some wind in the cape and the hair)
  • A set of 3 attacks with a sword (first frame of each animation is a "prepare to attack" frame)
  • A wall slide animation
  • A wall grab animation
  • A roll animation with different steps (jump, roll, back to idle)
  • A 360 turn of the character idle (well, I'm not sure why I did that, but it was fun to do.)
  • An epic transformation animation with an EPIC flame FX above it! You also can use this one as an "ultimate" attack or something like that, seems it looks like the character is hitting the ground (works well with camera shake).

And of course, a dark variation of the character with magic evil purple eyes :<


I've also included a sword sprite with a dark variation. I've also joined you the background I've made on the cover image with different layers so you can make some cool parallax with it :)

You can use this asset pack for commercial project until you credit me :)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorThomas Lean
Tags2D, asset, Asset Pack, pack, pixel, Pixel Art


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Hey there ! 

Awesome asset :D Incredible animations

I was wondering if there is a missing animation in the pack.

I can't seem to figure out ow you did the "landing" animation Like when the character land from the wall before the transformation

Also, there is no pre-jump animation if i'm not mistaken. Having those would make the character as smooth as your gif at the top !

Thanks :D

Hey! Thanks :) 

I used the roll animation as a landing one :) For the "prepare to jump", I simply use the first frames of the transformation one! It works well :D

Ah ! Perfect :) I'll give that a go. Don't know why I haven't thought of that

Hello bro, I love your work, you really have a unique style, very nice. Excuse me, no wish to be disrespectful, but when will you make a discount on your products?? I am very interested in this asset, but in my country, 20 dollars is a high value, in addition, the state adds taxes to international and digital purchases, reaching 70% of the price, so I have to pay almost double... I could pay you half directly through a payment processor like paypal? Thank you very much, and I apologize again. Can I write you on twitter?

what's your twitter ? :)

hello bro, thank you very much for your quick response, mi user name is @AnubisUy.

Sorry if my profile is empty, it's a new account for a school project. because I have never used twitter haha


Great job on the artwork, the fluidity of it really draws me in. I don't mean to bother but do you include the aesprite files with purchase or whatever source files were used, unless you did everything raw (in which case that's very impressive). I haven't seen any mention of this so I just wanted to double check

I've worked on Photoshop so no Aseprite files! But the .psd files are in the pack :)

Can you add me on discord?  I have questions about your assets to integrate into my project. nackley#1255

Added :) But if you need help on Unity, be awared that I'm not available a lot + I'm not using Unity as a dev so I won't be able to help you a lot on that part.

If you're looking for help with Unity, I've recommanded to a lot of people already to look for Unity communities/discord servers. I know that a lot of people over there would be happy to help!


I downloaded it but the sprites seem extremely low res. Did I miss something? Looks way better on the storefront than in Unity.


I fixed it, but maybe should add this information to the 'Readme.txt'. When adding the sprites to unity, to remove the 'blurry' look to them go to Inspector > Advanced > Filter Mode, and then change Filter Mode to Point (no filter). In addition to this, go to Inspector > Advanced > Compression, and then change compression from 'Normal Quality' to 'None'. After these changes are made, the pixels should look a LOT better for your project. Hope this helps other users who ran into the same difficulties I did.


I don't use Unity so that kind of infos are something I'm not aware of! I've exported everything in 1:1 because that's the best thing to do on my side to be sure everyone will be able to use these assets correctly in function of the engine.

Thanks a lot for the tip then, I hope people will see it if they encounter the same problem :)


I think that's more for any pixel art that is imported into a Unity Project and not a specific issue with this asset




OMG this is amazing and only 20 dollars. I love this so much, thank you!


great but i think its too expensive maybe sink it down to 10$ instead of 20

For those who have unvote this comment: please don't. Don't forget that 20$ is not the same everywhere and it can be a lot for people living in some countries (or simply for people who don't have a lot of money).

@VesuEms: I will make all my asset packs for -50% in a few months. Not sure when exactly yet but I'm planning to. So keep an eye on my Twitter if you still want to buy it :3


wow this is looking awsome


Hey Thomas,

I am making a game in my spare time and I am using Dark version of hero.

Tell me if you want to cooperate or if you like the demo.

Hey! Thanks a lot for the purchase :)

It looks great already, the dynamic light is lovely <3

Also I've just seen that you're looking for additional animations. As I've answered to a lot of people already, I'm planning to do an "extra-animation" pack for this character since a lot of people are asking me for different additional animations. I'm too occupied to work on that for now but I'll do that in a few months maybe, so stay aware :)

Awesome! I would definitely buy extra animation pack.

Some ideas:

* Aerial attack 1 & 2

* More universal jump animation (like Hollow Knight)

* Animation for casting spells?

Thanks for the ideas! I note that on my list :>


 I really wish there was an alternative "jump" animation. This one is great looking if the character is shooting directly upward, but looks odd when moving horizontally (like it has no forward momentum). 

I would gladly pay additional 5-10$ for more natural jump animation.

(2 edits) (+1)
Hi, I am very passionate about your work, amazing work, I would 
just like to humbly ask you to add a few more sprites to this 
pack. HIT animation (when the character takes damage) and that 
the character had an animation using range skill, if it is not
possible I will understand. I'm from Brazil

Love it !
Will look forward to that extra pack that is pending that a lot of people requested, but like everyone else, one of the best art i've seen in the platform for this style :)


What canvas size do you recommend? All of the animations seem to be in different image sizes and so it's a little difficult to line them up without a specific anchor point (most packs will use the same canvas size so it's easy to keep them lined up / easier to import into a game engine). Of course I can "eye ball it" but it would be very nice to have a variant where they're the same image size / anchored properly.


That's 100% dependent on you. I've been working with 16x16 tiles.

Deleted 106 days ago
(3 edits) (-1)

Yeah, that's not really going to solve the issue I'm talking about.

I would like for the creator to release each animation as animated GIFs that have the same image size or as a strip or even individual frames, as long as they're the same "image size". Making it 100x easier to import to your game engine of choice.

This would literally take ~20 minutes for him to do it.

Yes, I can do this to some degree but I want them perfectly lined up and I really shouldn't have to for a purchased product when most people on Itch do this with their assets.

Take Celeste for example, the vast majority of the animations have a 32 x 32 image size.

He probably won't do it given there has been very little movement here outside of a palette swap within the 2 years since I made this purchase.


Having this same problem now. It's a lot of work to fix.


well if it's a problem for a lot of people, I can do it. But I'll have to look exactly what's the best thing to do because I know that a lot of developpers works very differently with exported animations and I can't re-export the whole animation sets each time someone ask me to do it, because there is a looot of different ways to do it (some devs prefer a unique spritesheet for the whole animation set, others would prefer one spritesheet per animation, else will ask me for one gif per animation cropped with the minimum size for each animation, others would like one unique gif but with all the animations in it, you want me to export separated gifs but with a unique size which would be the same for each animation, etc.).

So that's why I've only exported it as folders with separated frames for each animation: It's the best way to allow people which will prefer something else to quickly modify it so it fits to their own way. 

But I hope you understand that I definitly can't take time to export this pack in all the different ways people would asked me to do, it would take me a lot of time.

Also if you want to know what I would do in your situation: I would simply open Photoshop (or an equivalent), import all the frames of all the animations in a same canvas. Then I would crop this canvas to the minimum size so I'm sure it fits to the maximum size of all the frames (and so it would be the same size for all the frames of all the animations). Then i make photoshop turn these layers into animations frames so that it creates a long sequence of all the animations. Then I just have to export all these animations separatly as gifs. So I'm sure that all these gifs will have the same size :)

I like this pack, however, I really wish there was an alternative "jump" animation. This one is great looking if the character is shooting directly upward, but looks odd when moving horizontally (like it has no forward momentum). 

Perhaps there's a way to combine / modify what's here to get what I'm looking for.

Yess. I would gladly pay additional 5-10$ for more natural jump animation.

Hey! time ago i bought this pack and it only had the regular redhood and the shadowone, is there a way to get the white one without buying the entire pack again?


All you have to do is just go into your Library and go to the Purchased assets and redownload it.

Thanks! i love it, any chance you can add a Iddle looking up sprite? would help a lot in a proyect im working on

Hello, how did you make the character's Fx effects? the light effects when it changes form light to dark. did you use any scripts?


Nice white character!


For all those wondering, the latest update added a LIGHT version of the character which looks amazing. 

Was trying to find an update page or something, but it appears he regularly updates on his twitter 

oh yeah thanks to tell to people here about that!

Hello Thomas! I don't want to bother you, but could you make a death animation? I bought the package but I believe this animation is the most important. Thank you for making such beautiful assets available.

Hey :) I would like to make an extra-animation pack since a lot of people are asking me about different ones, but I'm not available at all right now.

For the death animation, as I've answered to people here & there, most of the game I have in reference don't do death animation and simply use different tricks like making the character disappear with a FX (for example Celeste). Most of modern pixel art game do that so I thought it was not my priority at the time.

But of course if I'll work on an extra-animation pack, I'll do a death animation :)


Hello, love this character pack

Could you please consider making a climbing animation? 

Looking forward to updates :)

Great asset, but it's best to have an animation of injury and death, don't you think?

yo !
whats in the update ?

(1 edit)

Sooo what's the update? nocape1 and 2? 

I wish I had the money to buy this asset for a little school project :<

Hi I couldn't find the info - what are the resolution of the spritesheets?
Trying to find a matching tilemaps and stuff

HII, im making a Game, but my color palette os made of darker and red colors.. It could be posible yo change de purple color of the darker versión? Thanks in advance!


I feel like this is totally worth the cost cause the animation is top notch. Very well done! 

Hi, I purchased this assets pack and willing to use all the sprite as a reference to draw my own character.

Is this allow? And if I use that for a commercial project, do I need to credit you out?

of course this is allowed :) you've bought it so you can do what you want with it! Also for commercial use, I always ask people to credit me if they want so same, as you want :)

(1 edit)

Hi, can we talk via discord? I can't message you on Twitter. if yes i will be grateful.

mine is WellingtonH#5163    Discord

sorry but I didn't put the reason neh, I wanted to talk about value, please.

request sent :)

Hi! Would it be possible to have a small walk cycle? I think it would fit the character very nicely ^^


Hey! Totally agree but as I've answered to different posts, for now I'm not available to do extra animations for this pack, but since there is a lot of people asking for, I'll take time to do them when I'm finally available!

(1 edit)

Hey Thomas, i starting an another project using your sprites, last one got ditch to the side. do you have a spread sheet with all animations on one image? it would really help me go faster to set up the animations. i guess i could always open asesprite and make it using all the frames, but it would be a long and painful process...

great work, as usual.

Hey! Ye sorry I have no spritesheets for this pack, I'll take time to do them for the next one because a lot of people asked me spritesheets!

To quickly make spritesheets, I've discovered this website which is very easy to use and very fast: https://www.codeandweb.com/free-sprite-sheet-packer

Hope it helps and sorry for that, I've taken note for the next ones!

No problem at all, in aseprite i can open multiple files as an animation. i did that and export it to a spritesheets so i made one sprite sheet for each animation since they are not all the same size (make it easier for splitting in the engine). it' not so long after all. So far the worst was the idle loop since it's divided in 3-4 animations. but it wasn't so bad. i'll look into the tool you linked me tho. thanks for the reply. and no worries at all. stay at peace.

i could be get this package on 2 colors more? on turquoise and yellow?? turquoise and yellow and how much would it cost?

Hey! I'm not available for commissions right now but I think the easiest way for you to do that would be to use some swap colors or hue effect directly in the engine you're using :) It will avoid you to rework all the art one by one :D


Hey Thomas! Im a web3 developer interested to work with you together to get a P2E blockchain based project going with an own token. 

Lmk how I can reach out to you. :) Happy to chat with you


stop posting everywhere like that it's annoying bro

What's the License for this? Is it alright to use this in an open source project?

Well it's ok to use it for a personnal or a commercial project until you've bought it. But if you do open source, does that mean people will be able to get the assets for free? I would prefer to avoid that :<

man i would love to have a death animation i managed to make a simple hurt by making the sprite go white but a simple death animation will help me alot

Hey! Yeah that's something I want to do by doing a 'extra animation' pack with all the animations people ask me a lot (climbing ladder, death, hit, etc) but for now I'm not available at all to work on that (for now I'm working on the development of a game by myself so free time is quite rare). You can follow me on Twitter if you want to keep updated!

If you could add hurt/die/climb, then I would gladly buy it even as separate extension.


Hi Thomas! I'm developing a game using your sprites. Here is a prototype: https://anemelman.itch.io/alternative-fantasy


omg I just realized my message is still here but I totally forget to post it. I'm sorry ahah. Here it is:
Hey! Thanks a lot for sharing, I just played both games, that's very well integrated, congrats! :)

Seeing both endings, I guess you'll add some bossfights ?

Yes I will! I just have to finish another game I'm developing.

Your characters are amazing and your work is fantastic!

I'm so glad you played my game :)


Heyy man thanks for this amazing character i just brought it and i will make sure to credit you once i finish the game :D

Thanks a lot! Good luck for your project!!!

This is still, an amazing asset used this in 3 projects so far didn't release and of them...  5000stars

no u 5000 stars

Hey, i was wondering if there is ok lunching a game using this asset. I mean if it's ok to use this asset on a comercial or free project.

It is ye :) At the time I asked people to tell me first if they wanted to do a commercial project to have some datas on my side, but now I don't care. So until you've bought do, you can do what you want with it :D

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