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Here is an asset pack full of juicy animations!
19 animations and a D4RK version of the character.

Of course, you can switch between both variation of the character with the epic transformation animation!

Have fun!


  • A basic idle pose
  • A cute "wondering" animation (inspired from Hollow Knight)
  • A run animation
  • Different steps for the jump (jump & fall animation)
  • A dash pose (with some wind in the cape and the hair)
  • A set of 3 attacks with a sword (first frame of each animation is a "prepare to attack" frame)
  • A wall slide animation
  • A wall grab animation
  • A roll animation with different steps (jump, roll, back to idle)
  • A 360 turn of the character idle (well, I'm not sure why I did that, but it was fun to do.)
  • An epic transformation animation with an EPIC flame FX above it! You also can use this one as an "ultimate" attack or something like that, seems it looks like the character is hitting the ground (works well with camera shake).

And of course, a dark variation of the character with magic evil purple eyes :<


I've also included a sword sprite with a dark variation. I've also joined you the background I've made on the cover image with different layers so you can make some cool parallax with it :)

Of course if you buy it, do not hesitate to contact me if you think something important is missing or need to be exported differently, I'm always looking for feedbacks for the next one!
And do not hesitate to send me what you've done with it too! I'm always happy to see what people can do with it!


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Nous sommes actuellement en train de faire un jeu qui est pour moi un plutôt gros projet (équipe de 3 personnes) et j'ai tout de suite eu l'idée de ton pack.

Seulement le petit problème c'est qu'on a besoin que le personnage tire une flèche (avec un arc).

Ce n'est pas très pressé mais ce serait cool si on pouvait savoir si tu peux faire ça.

Merci d'avance pour ta réponse !

PS : le prix n'est pas un problème.

Yo :) 

Tu peux me contacter sur Twitter ou par mail si tu veux ! Je suis en vacances là mais je te répondrai au plus vite ! Merci pour ton commentaire !

Any tips on using the transformation animation with Unity, the sprite moves from origin point .

Hi Thomas, I am developing a game using your sprites. Here is beta demo: https://tianhao-wang.itch.io/become-witch-the-story-of-lunaria

Hey! I'm super glad to see that you've already that much! It's looking super well already <3

Hi Thomas, I sent you an email about potential commission for more animations a few weeks ago. Did you saw the email?

Hey there Thomas, I adore this animation and sent you an email about a potential commission for some others in the same style, hope to hear from you soon, great work.

Thanks! I just saw your mail :)

Awesome =] I look forward to your reply then!

Hi what pixel size is this?, I read we can contact you in regards to more work if needed so thats a bonus :)

Hey! Yeah you can contact me if you need extra assets, I'm available as a freelancer and I also teach pixel art to some students, so I know that some of them would have been interested by commissions! 

Also the size is not a precise one (8x8, 16x16, etc), I know the character is around 20 pixel height but nothing more specific!

How about releasing the enviroment used? :D

It's in the pack already but this is a very rich environment, only a few assets here :)

Can you make one of 16x16 ?

I'm planning to make a new one soon so that's a super good idea!

nice, thanks !

This is amazing work! I cannot wait to see more..

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Hi! I found your asset, thank you so much for this :D

I'm gonna use this asset for my personal project. I'm wondering may I change the asset so that it can be used in top-down game. May I change the content?

Hey hey :) Sure of course! Feel free to do what you want with it and do not hesitate to contact me if you need some minor modifications or even if you need extra animation/asset !

Is there files with out the glow Fx?

Hey! No, but I can do it :)

Hey, I need to talk to you, could you send me an email with the address I made the purchase?

Hey! A lot of people contact me so maybe you've already done it, here is my mail : theophile.loaec@gmail.com :)

Else feel free to contact me via Twitter too!

I really love this asset pack. It looks awesome. Would you consider making aerial attack animations for these characters in the future?

Hey! A lot of people ask me about doing more specific animation so one day, I think I'll make an "extra animations" asset pack :)

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wow! following, cant wait to see more, you do awesome work!

just a suggestion would be a good idea to have different abilities for each character so to have a good reason to change!

Yeah I agree about your suggestion! That's an interesting idea for next ones ! It was just a re-skin for this one but that's a really good idea!

no problem glad to help.  great talent.

will you ever create any top-down  assets ? 

Yeah I'm thinking about doing some zelda-like assets soon!

awesome can’t wait ! 


Thanks thanks thanks <3

Really fantastic thomas!

Thank you :D

Incredible stuff

Thanks !!

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Is there jump side animation? Or only jump straight up? Some transition from attack state to idle would be nice to have.

Yeah I thought about all these transition animations but since I've tried to make it as "a lot of possibilites" as possible to let people do what they have in mind with, it was a lot of specific animations to do for specific thing (I know some people will buy it and don't even use the attack animations), so I prefer to stay simple and focus on the essential ones!

But it may be interesting for the next ones to focus more on a precise gameplay!

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This is incredible work... the whole concept of this has been something I've been working on for a while now... You've made it to perfection! The colors, even the background looks spot on. 100% purchase

Thanks a lot! And I'm really happy to read that! I'm not a dev nor a game designer so I'm super hype to see what games can be done with it!

Magnifique asset dans la précision des mouvements et personnages trop trop mignons !!! Super idée light/dark utilisable dans un gameplay. Vraiment merci de nous offrir tout ça pour une somme aussi modique.

Merci beaucoup ! Oui l'idée dark/light c'était assez inspirant :) Concernant le prix bon bah je mettrai plus cher la prochaine fois ahah

I attempted to purchase; there seems to be some sort of restrictions on what types of cards you accept.

I'm not really sure! Itchio use Stripes for transaction. You can also DM me on Twitter or per mail if you prefer to use Paypal or else, I'll send you the asset pack :)

I don't do Twitter, there's no real point for me. I wasn't sure if you knew about the issue; I've bought tons of assets from itch.io and only have encountered issues twice; the only other time it was with the settings of a seller's Paypal account.

I've checked itchio settings and I can use Paypal now! I've made the modification :)

Great! I just paid; the weirdness with Stripe makes me shake my head sometimes because even without a Paypal account, people can still pay with their card lol.

Hello, I'm interested in putting this character in a commercial game, I would like to know if it can be modified

There is no problem for me, if you need modifications we can talk in private about what you need exactly and if it's a lot of work, we can discuss about commissions (or if I'm not available enough to do it, I know a lot of good pixel artists I can recommand you!)

Oh, no problem, I was going to make the changes. It is not to resell but to use in a game.
I will try to make her die, using a bow, changing the colors of the spells.

This is awesome, take my money! :D

Ahah no problem :D

this is totally royalty free?

Yes :) I've only asked in the .readme to contact me first if you want to use it for commercial use, just to have a contact with you and to have stats on my side about what people will do with it (so it's just curiosity) !

So cool! What's the license for these assets?

Thanks! You can do what you want with it! if you want to use it for commercial use, no problem!

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Really impressive : minimal color palette  but still readable, fluid animations, stylised attitude, perfect easing on timing. You must watch this !

Thanks a lot!


Colored me impressed!