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Boa noite, gostei do designer do personagem. como foi feito? Estou pensando em desenvolver um desse naipe ai mesmo, bom trabalho 

this is so great! But could you consider an shooting animation?

Iā€™m willing to pay for expansion development.


Could you perhaps include an animation for a bow and arrow attack?


Thanks so much, this is an amazing resource! By repurposing some of the frames in the longer animations, it's pretty easy to piece together other actions, like abrupt-halt, duck/bow, etc. I'm very happy with my purchase, thanks!!! Good luck with Sheepy!


Hello, great resource. I can use her as the main character in my new game. However, I found a big problem, that is, the characters lack the animations of Hurt and Dead. Can you please add them?


great asset

 please add natural running start animation and jump start,Jumping and Falling Interim Animation?

I agree that the jump doesn't look super natural in use. +1 to a proper running jump transition!


Does the aseprite file included?


Yes,  have fun!


Hello there!

I make a aseprite file with every frame of the character and fx, can I sent to you to you add it for the others?


Hey! That's super nice to propose :) 

Any way to contact you ? If you have Twitter you can dm me when you want!

I sent message for you there, I will send spritesheets together too.

Did Aesprite file get added?!


Yes,  have fun!


This made my day! Thank you!

can't make payment

Is this pixel art?


What font is used where it says "Platform Character Pack"?


It was not a pixel art font, I used Impact and Arial and re-repixelized + rework them manually :)

amazing work!

Thanks a lot !


Hello, could you offer an end of year discount?

now that I've released the game I was working on, DISCOUNT IS COMING

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Hello, I bought it at the old price ($ 20,00), but the discount would be welcome.

If possible, I would like to ask 3 things: 

1 - create a spritesheet with all the animations together; 

2 - place a character death animation; 

3 - add an animation of the character releasing a spell.


Hello man

Hey :) For the death animation, I'm working on a "extra-animation" asset pack because a lot of people asked me about more animations. But for the "casting spell" one, that may be something too specific so I recommend you to simply contact a  freelance animator and ask her/him to work on additional animations for your game :)
And for the spritesheet, here is a tool that I usually use to make spritesheets: It's very useful and it can adapt for your specific needs !

Hey! If not too late, could you please add an upslash and downslash animation for the character? This would be very cool :)


these are stunning



Will be great a ledge climb animation.

I'm planning to work on additional animations soon, ledge ones are included :)


late request - please add a roll dodge and firing a bow and arrow animation?

I'm planning to do additional animations soon, roll dodge was highly asked so I'll do it for sure. For the bow n arrow ones, it may require more work (+ if you want a 360 aiming poses), so maybe your best option is to contact an animator freelance and ask him to do the extra-animations that you need.

do the source files come with this so another animator can do it?

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Totally! The pack includes psd files and separated frames folders so it would be easy for a pixel artist to edit them if needed :)


wait theres no death animationn

No, at the time I've checked game like Celeste and some others and realized that they don't have any death animations, they simply make the character disappearing with an explosion/magic FX. If you have more infos about what you're looking for, I could do a death animation in the "extra-animation" I'll work on soon. But I need to know what kind of death animation you're looking for, games makes it really differently.

maybe a death anim similar to hollow knight?


Do you have an email where we can communicate? Or we can talk here about the cost of about 5 extra animations.

Hi! Sorry I'm answering that late. Unfortunatly I'm not available for any freelance for now. Feel free to tell me here the animations that you would need, I will work soon on a "extra-animation" pack for this character :)


I really love these assets, amazing work, but I can't afford them, I'm waiting to see if there's a discount :/


  • Do you have any other stores for sale? I can't buy it here



Nice Workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

Heyy it's been a month since you said that they will be a discount :) it is still relevant? Or has the date been pushed back? If so when will it be please

INCOMING, I was waiting to be done with the game I was working on and it's now out :)

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Kind of annoying to use when they're not in a texture atlas, regardless the animations are great!


Ye that's something which have been discussed a lot if you look at all the other commentaries. I've explained that at the time, since I knew that a lot of devs work differently for animation (frame folders, spritesheet, etc), I've decided to export it like that since it's easier for devs to make a spritesheet/atlas with frame folders, following their preferences, instead of asking to devs who want to make frame folders to find a way to do it with spritesheet/atlas.

For the next ones, I'm planning to simply export into different formats in advance. But I know that even if I do it, some devs would tell me that my spritesheet is not done like the one they want (for example some devs prefers spritesheet per animation, some others prefer a single resolution for all animations instead of other prefering a different resolution per animation/spritesheet, etc). 

So in the end I'm up to ideas but for now frame folders seems like the best choice to let people do what they want :)

Are you considering any discount activities in the near future? i very like it


ye in the next months I'm planning to make some discounts :) I'll announce that on my Twitter!

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ok!   thx  :) 


Hey Thomas would the assetssprites also be included?


if you mean the spritesheets: no. I only have exported frames in folders + join the Photoshop files if you need to edit something.

In general when I want to quickly make spritesheets, I use this website:, very easy to use :)

Hope it helps!

Hi Thomas,
Writing here due to lack of DMs. We find you're animation work great, and would like to know if you are open for commission? Our character design is already done, but we're looking for someone to animate move sets and abilities. 
Please let us know if you're interested.

All the best,

Hjortron Games


Hey guys :)

Sorry but I'm not available at all for now (and for many months more), that's why I've cut DMs for now!

Hope you guys will find someone!

Hey! are you guys on discord? If so add me up! Or  DM me here šŸ¤—


Hello everyone, cordial greetings, I introduce myself as a plastic artist, I am also an illustrator of Japanese comics and manga, I am entering this world with several courses already taken, I have also taken computer security and programming courses, I just wanted to tell you a little about My, I have a question for my colleague Thomas Lean, can I use these designs in a personal project of course, I'll give you your credits but I want to know if I don't have problems with the license, in another order can I use them as is or do I have to edit them? Thank you very much in advance, NOTE. I want to use them for commercial purposes, since I would put them together with others that I have bought and some that I have made myself.


Hey :) Until you buy it, you can do whatever you want with it! No problem :)


Hello, these sprites are amazing, I make a little game with this asset, hope you like it :)

Nice work :)


Thanks a lot for the purchase! The Hollow Knight ost is working so well ahah <3


I'm interested in purchasing this. What format is it in? Are these pngs or sprite sheets?


ye it's png sequences, no spritesheets! but if you're looking for an easy way to convert them into spritesheets, I use this website which is very useful (and easy to use):

I've also provided the Photoshop files so you can edit things if needed :)

Are you available for commissions? I'll pay well for some extra animations for my project! Let's talk! 


Hey Nackley! Sorry I'm still not available for commissions :/

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Looks great! Are the glow effects baked in or can I turn them off in the Photoshop source files (you had mentioned previously that they are included)? ie. They are a layer effect in PS?


Hey! Ye you can disable the glow effects on the .psd files ! It's only a layer effect :)

Hey there ! 

Awesome asset :D Incredible animations

I was wondering if there is a missing animation in the pack.

I can't seem to figure out ow you did the "landing" animation Like when the character land from the wall before the transformation

Also, there is no pre-jump animation if i'm not mistaken. Having those would make the character as smooth as your gif at the top !

Thanks :D


Hey! Thanks :) 

I used the roll animation as a landing one :) For the "prepare to jump", I simply use the first frames of the transformation one! It works well :D

Ah ! Perfect :) I'll give that a go. Don't know why I haven't thought of that

Hello bro, I love your work, you really have a unique style, very nice. Excuse me, no wish to be disrespectful, but when will you make a discount on your products?? I am very interested in this asset, but in my country, 20 dollars is a high value, in addition, the state adds taxes to international and digital purchases, reaching 70% of the price, so I have to pay almost double... I could pay you half directly through a payment processor like paypal? Thank you very much, and I apologize again. Can I write you on twitter?


what's your twitter ? :)

hello bro, thank you very much for your quick response, mi user name is @AnubisUy.

Sorry if my profile is empty, it's a new account for a school project. because I have never used twitter haha


Great job on the artwork, the fluidity of it really draws me in. I don't mean to bother but do you include the aesprite files with purchase or whatever source files were used, unless you did everything raw (in which case that's very impressive). I haven't seen any mention of this so I just wanted to double check


I've worked on Photoshop so no Aseprite files! But the .psd files are in the pack :)

Can you add me on discord?  I have questions about your assets to integrate into my project. nackley#1255


Added :) But if you need help on Unity, be awared that I'm not available a lot + I'm not using Unity as a dev so I won't be able to help you a lot on that part.

If you're looking for help with Unity, I've recommanded to a lot of people already to look for Unity communities/discord servers. I know that a lot of people over there would be happy to help!


I downloaded it but the sprites seem extremely low res. Did I miss something? Looks way better on the storefront than in Unity.


I fixed it, but maybe should add this information to the 'Readme.txt'. When adding the sprites to unity, to remove the 'blurry' look to them go to Inspector > Advanced > Filter Mode, and then change Filter Mode to Point (no filter). In addition to this, go to Inspector > Advanced > Compression, and then change compression from 'Normal Quality' to 'None'. After these changes are made, the pixels should look a LOT better for your project. Hope this helps other users who ran into the same difficulties I did.


I don't use Unity so that kind of infos are something I'm not aware of! I've exported everything in 1:1 because that's the best thing to do on my side to be sure everyone will be able to use these assets correctly in function of the engine.

Thanks a lot for the tip then, I hope people will see it if they encounter the same problem :)


I think that's more for any pixel art that is imported into a Unity Project and not a specific issue with this asset



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