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Hey hey hey !

Here is a new asset pack :)
More than 100 assets to make an epic lost temple interior!

Have fun!


  • Platforms, all tileable
  • Background elements
  • Background props
  • Different types of props (gameplay props, details props, etc)
  • A LOT OF NATURE (lianas, grass, moss, etc)


You can also find the character in the pack and his epic idle animation (it's epic because there is wind). I've also include some stretchable fog & shadow so you can polish your environment as I did in the GIFs. It's very useful to separate the different layers of your games :)

Of course if you buy it, do not hesitate to contact me if you think something important is missing or need to be exported differently, I'm always looking for feedbacks for the next one!
And do not hesitate to send me what you've done with it too! I'm always happy to see what people can do with it!


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Hey, can you please make some animations to the character in order to make him usable? That would be awesome! Besides that: I don't get how to set up the tile set correctly in unity because the size of them have many variations. Is there any tutorial I can follow in order to place them correctly in a tile map? Thank you!


This pack is great.  Is it possible to get more animations of the character such as walking, hit, die, etc (like your other packs)?  Character is not usable if it can't move, etc.  (Maybe sell as add on or something???/)  I'd definitely want to buy that.


Hi, i've buy this and thank you, all graphics are fantastic!
It possibile to have a complete spritesheet (i use game maker)?
It would be very useful to have it in order not to have to recreate all the graphics in a template..

Amazing as always!

Thank you <3


Just an FYI to anyone looking to buy this:

The tiles don't conform to any standard tile size. It kinda looks like the main sample scene was drawn up and then the assets were cut up from the main scene. So you'll have some tiles that are 26x29 while others are 26x35, 25x35, 17x29, and so on...

While the assets still do look amazing, it's gonna take a lot of work and editing to make this asset pack tile-able in a game engine/map editor.

I still plan on using these assets but I've got some logistics and editing to figure out.

Thanks for the assets btw!


Yeah true! It depends of the engine but nowadays you can use non-traditionnal tile sizes in general, I've tried with Unity for example and it works well! 
Having different sizes of tiles helps a lot to make things look less "tiles" and as an artist, it helps a lot :)



Impressive! Good job

Thank you Sven !!

[Attempts to absorb Thomas Lean's pixel art style with mystical means....it is not at all effective]. Amazing work.

I'm a mystical dude ahah, thanks!

You are killing it as always!

Thank you Joshua!

You will save every one of us...

Looks great! Is the character animated as well or does he only have that idle animation?

Thanks! This one is an environment asset pack so there is just the idle animation on this one :)

Any plans to release an asset pack comprising this character's animations?

Yeah, it was just for fun first but since a lot of people ask me about that, I'll make an asset pack with this character I guess! Do you have any animation in mind btw? I'll do the basic ones first but if you need something particular, feel free to tell!

Are you still at the same e-mail listed in the fight pack asset page you have? If so, I'll email my thoughts in terms of a list of animation.

This looks very well made works well with your sprite assets. 

Thanks! I try to keep the same art style with all the asset pack to be sure all of them fit together well :)

Amazing as always!

will snag this asap!

Thanks youuu <3